Anasayfa / Yazar Arşivi: Jhon Verdon (sayfa 5)

Yazar Arşivi: Jhon Verdon

Political correspondent Pete Sole

A little less than 200 military personnel are on the road more than a week after the service station yard begins to line up. The minister says it takes time to train men and women with services to drive large ...

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Detransitioner: I run in fantasy

In addition to the NHS Transgender Treatment Protocol, a December 2020 court ruling means that guides need to seek permission from the court to prescribe puberty suppressants to new patients under the age of 16. Whether the child can give ...

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Constant trauma and nightmares

After the attack, Juan did not leave home for five weeks. “I had a lot of pain and my mental space wasn’t enough,” he says. Regarding his mental health, Juan says, “I’ve been pretty depressed for a while and my ...

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