Anasayfa / Yazar Arşivi: Jhon Verdon (sayfa 7)

Yazar Arşivi: Jhon Verdon

ON ‘He told me to go on about my day’

“I didn’t have to take emergency contraceptives, and I’m pretty bad with my usual medications. I know I have to take them every day, but I work or do something It’s easy to forget, “says Jenna (18) of Sheffield. “After ...

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‘unprofessional’ Some pharmacies

In 2019, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (RCOG) demanded that emergency contraceptives be given to all pharmacies free of charge without a prescription. In the UK, there are some controversies about the cost of emergency contraception and the ...

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my day”He told me to go on about

I’d never had to take the morning-after pill before, and I’m quite bad with taking my regular pill. I know you’re meant to take it every day, but if I’ve been working or whatever… I often just forget,” says 18-year-old ...

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