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Monkeypox in Multiple Countries

Key points Cases of monkeypox have been reported in Europe (e.g., England, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, France), North America (e.g., United States, Canada) and Australia. Some cases were reported among men who have sex with men. Some cases were also reported in ...

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Why Elon Musk Bought Twitter

On Monday, Elon Musk bought Twitter for forty-four billion dollars. Musk, the C.E.O. of Tesla and the richest man on earth, plans to take the social-media company private, and has said that he wants Twitter to adhere more closely to the principles of ...

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Vogel and her husband purchased the home just after

The once luxurious five-bedroom house with sweeping views of the Saddleback Mountains had been completely engulfed by flames a day earlier. The frame was still standing, but the charred rubble inside signaled that everything had been lost. “Well, almost everything,” ...

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Уинни-Пух и все-все-все: как Черчилль не дал Брит

В ту эпоху большинство британцев получали новости по радио; телевидение особой популярностью не пользовалось — на всю страну приходилось всего около 1,5 млн телевизоров. Видеотрансляция похорон Георга VI привела к тому, что британцы начали массово покупать телеприемники. Другое поворотное событие — коронацию Елизаветы II ...

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Emily Rogers was strangled to death

Emily Rogers’ Ex Strangled Her, Smuggled Body In Rug: Complaint When detectives falsely told the ex there was footage of him carrying a body, he claimed it was a 400-pound sex doll, the complaint said. MILWAUKEE, WI — Emily Rogers ...

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The folk-rap band jumped to their fee

The folk-rap band jumped to their feet, waving the Ukrainian flag as it was announced they had qualified from the first semi-final in Turin. Earlier, they gave an energetic performance of their song Stefania. “Thank you for supporting Ukraine,” said ...

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