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Among the branches of 12 large standard companies called “dirty dozens

Among the branches of 12 large standard companies called “dirty dozens” are companies that manufacture steel, textiles, infrastructure, and ships. Distribute power. Develop real estate and build infrastructure. Some of its assets need to be sold, which will be a challenge in slower economies.
In the long run, India needs to clean up its banking operations significantly. India’s credit ratio to GDP remains less than 60%, but the bank has the highest lending in the world.
Loans began to build up between 2006 and 2008, when growth was strong and loans were easy. Due to the global financial crisis of 2007-2008 and slowing growth, India was relatively unharmed and its investment enthusiasm remained undiminished.
“NPLs are being planted during good times,” said former central bank governor C. Langerjan.
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According to experts, this has led to a “classical case of irrational enthusiasm.” Pandemonium: According to Tamal Bandyopadhyay, author of The Great Indian Banking Tragedy, there was a risk of a mixture of high economic growth, higher credit growth, lower inflation and reduced budget deficits.
Bankers who are too confident did not do the research required for many loans. Banks lived “hopefully” and gave new loans to record artificial gains by regaining interest on previous loans.
“The fraudulent capitalists of the Indian Islands used bank loans as debt and shared capital to finance the project. The capitalist system expects entrepreneurs to raise equity capital. “Bandyopadhyay says.
Experts say that “bad banks” are not a good solution to systematic problems in Indian banking.
State-owned banks need to be truly independent, clean up their performance, and become more efficient lenders, after considering market risk and weighing their desire for risk. Better regulation by the Central Bank of India will help. Loan sales need more transparency.
“Bad banks are a step in the right direction,” Gupta said. “But only time knows how it works.”


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