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Child trauma transitions to adulthood

In producing her documentary, Daisy finds that her insomnia is rooted in another part of her psyche.
“I always felt that insomnia was a by-product of something else, or a trauma that seemed like I couldn’t sleep, but I left it deep inside her mind,” says Daisy.
The trauma she is talking about is the divorce of her parents when her insomnia developed. In the program, he met a psychiatrist and this suspicion was finally confirmed.
Not all people with insomnia suffer from serious mental health problems, but says Daisy, who suffers from chronic pain. The diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder also surprised me: you are unaware that you carry the same brain throughout your life, and do not treat anything that affects you in childhood. If left untreated, it may change into adulthood. “”

Other factors are also involved. Daisy reveals that she also suffers from eating disorders, and her brain scans show that her brain is 30% more active than the average person. This means she has a hard time relaxing.
For the first time she was able to see her insomnia in the context of her overall physical and mental health, and it is with other insomnia that has helped her sleep since she made the film. In addition to finding solidarity.
“We saw it as a mental health-related chicken or the egg scenario,” he says. “The triggers that can affect sleep vary from person to person.”


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