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Game Rap game United Kingdom: “I want to get a big enough so I’m a mentor in the next series”

With the third season of the rap game, UK in Manchester, many eyes were in own harvest talent like Kay Rico, who traveled with Wiley and Atitch, or more Acts as Brynbp, who has more than 100k followers in Instagram, as early contenders. To take the crown.
But it was 19 years old, he said, one of the latest participants in the season, which came up. What is not lacking in the age is compensated in trust, on BBC three count: “Only in the first year I want to be so great that I am a guest mentor in the next season of the rap game, why not?”

Muslim Heritage and Sierra Leone of Saidi have a point of pride over the whole show, and sometimes a point of struggle, at a given moment, said his “life should be based on faith” when finding it difficult To balance the demands of the show and find topics to rape during Ramadan. By growing in a board farm in Bermondsey, Southeast London, as one of the five brothers, the desire to do it in the industry is for a greater cause than he, his family’s root of his determination.
Only a year earlier, was a semifinals in the Battle series of Pengame Pengame De Margs on YouTube, with many of the comments suggested that he should have been in the final. Although it is reflected at that time as a “good experience”, these shocks can be considered as training sessions for actual test: The Rap Game UK. Before the performance, I worked in an Amazon warehouse, similar to Brighton Rapper Arroduse, another feeling that sounded this year and planned to leave the job even before the performance event was submitted to him. Some can say that it was meant to be. In addition to believing in his own talents, he also spoke very well about his fellow stars. “When I saw Oakzy B moved, I thought,” Yes, he’s a difficult MC. ” However, I can’t lie, Kaydizzy stood out more. ”


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