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Hathras gang rape: Read more of our coverage on the

However, the defendant’s family alleged that she had an agreed relationship with one of Thakur and accused her of being an “honor killing” for not approving her relationship. Influential Takul politicians also conducted large-scale demonstrations to assist the accused.
A narrow road separates the victim from the accused’s home, but the gap has been impassable for centuries. And the abyss is getting deeper and deeper since the crime.
“Our ancestors were abused by their ancestors, and we are still discriminated against,” said the victim’s brother. “No one from the city began to ask us about our sister after she was attacked, or while she was fighting for her life in the hospital, or even after her death. But the whole city came to court to help the accused. ”

Victim’s father and holy basil
Families say the only thing that thrives in their home is the sacred basil planted by the victims
Recently, he recorded his statement and visited the Hatlas District Court several times for interrogation. On Thursday, it is their mother’s turn to take the position of a witness.
According to the family, there are stressful trips to court. His lawyer, Seema Kushwaha, complained about intimidation and intimidation, and the allegations were rejected by lawyer Munna Singh Pundhir. Kushwaha says she was chased by a man in the car on her way to court. And in court, a male lawyer told him, “Delhi’s lawyer cannot defend Hatras’s proceedings. They tried to look at me and said I should stay within Cima’s range.”
He said the court had to postpone twice when things got out of hand one day in March. Most days, police will have to escort your car to the boundaries of the district. However, the High Court recently dismissed his request to bring the case out of the district.
To date, 16 of 104 witnesses, including local doctors, police officers, family members and journalists, have held hearings, according to Kushwaha, which will be completed within a few months. is. “We sought the greatest punishment for the death penalty,” he told the BBC.
He also represented his family in a second case ongoing in the capital, Lucknow, and the High Court ruled whether the family had permission from the family for cremation, or a fine imposed by the authorities. I am considering.
He is also seeking family compensation. “My family wants and should move,” she said. Kushwaha said. “Paramilitaries can provide them with physical security, but what about mental and emotional security? The government keeps them away from Hatras so they can start living again. is needed.”

Balbir Singh (left)
“What happened,” said Caption Barbilsin, a member of the top caste Turkle community.
In town there are fears and grudges on both sides of the caste difference, and the atmosphere is tense and hostile. The accused’s family is angry and accuses the witch-hunting reporter. “Why did you come here?” Exclaimed an elderly relative of one of the people accused of me. “Our children are innocent. They are in jail because the media describes us as villains.”

Most Takul families in the village didn’t want to talk and said the case was in court and they knew nothing. “We are fighting poverty and inflation and trying to unite,” said one man.
“People say all sorts of things, but who can say what happened? Only she (the victim) knew, God knew, “said 76-year-old Barville Singh.
He agrees that there is still tension in the city, but says, “What happened? They should stay here and we should.”
But the victim’s family says they are no longer alive, their lives are in trouble.
Her mother sheds tears every time she remembers her “beautiful daughter with long black hair.” “We still can’t believe how it happened,” she says, wiping her tears with her sari. “Can her mother forget her son? I miss her when I eat. I miss her when I sleep. I can’t imagine losing her daughter in the worst nightmare. It was, “she says.
“But my daughter was very brave. She said she was repeatedly raped. Villagers don’t like it, they say it gave our people a bad name and we should have suppressed it. “”


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