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However, Dita, a self-described “unlikely sex icon

extravagant theatrical performances. After an 18-month hiatus from live performances, she’s bringing the art form back to life with Night of the Teese, her first-ever cinematic extravaganza. Lizzo’s creative director Quinn Wilson directed the feature-length film, which was shot at the lavish Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles and features a varied ensemble of neo-burlesque artists of all shapes, sizes, and genders. It will be available for streaming only this weekend, starting on Oct. 1.

However, Dita, a self-described “unlikely sex icon” and burlesque performer, acknowledges to Yahoo Entertainment/SiriusXM Volume that her body type and retro-glamour style were not acceptable when she initially entered the industry (she was even passed by Playboy multiple times). Additionally, she admits that ageist critics in the industry even warned her that she wouldn’t have a successful career after the age of 30 due to her looks. It’s time for her to reflect on her time in the entertainment industry as she approaches her 30th anniversary and turns 49 the same week. She’ll talk about growing older, ageism, body image, shifting beauty standards and her future in burlesque… as well as the future of burlesque as a whole.

It’s been months since the Teese sisters have been



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