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Prisoners in their own home, lives on hold, a village divided Hathras rape case:

Exactly a year ago, a 19-year-old woman died in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, after reporting her gangbang and cruel assault by her upper caste neighbor. Her story caused worldwide criticism after authorities cremated her body at night without permission of violence.
A government in the corner that promised to conduct appropriate investigations and prompt courts to ensure early justice. But a year later, despite four men being tried for rape and murder, the case is underway through India’s slow legal system, and a family of teenagers told the BBC they He said he was alive as a prisoner. It is alive. waiting.
A few days after the death of the young woman, I visited the village of Bulgari in the Hatras district for the first time. The news became a hot topic all over the world, and reporters and camera crews gathered at her house. Opposition politicians from all disciplines visited him and expressed his support for his family in the fight for justice.
Her mother told me on September 14 that her tall sorghum harvest was found in a field that was beaten and hurt, almost unconscious, and naked from her waist down. .. His spine is broken and he is bleeding and vomiting blood. He died in the hospital on September 29, after fighting for his life for 15 days. When I recently visited their home, I was isolated in the village, trapped in their home, protected by a paramilitary security force member with a machine gun, and under the intrusive gaze of surveillance cameras. , I found a family attached to an important point to record. All arrivals. Then go. (By order of the Supreme Court, they were given protection in fear of being the target of upper castes.)

“It was a lost year,” says his brother. “We are safe at home thanks to the paramilitary organization. But we can’t go to work. We survive with compensation and state rations.”

The family received Rs 2.5 million ($ 33,678; £ 24,865) from the state government under a law allowing families of victims of crimes such as murder and rape to receive financial compensation. “We also feel detained. Even if we go shopping or visit a doctor, we have to go with the paramilitary organization,” he added.


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