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92nd Street Y, anymore. The Upper East Side cultural institution

The 92nd Street Y Rebrands And Begins $200M Redevelopment It might take some getting used to, but the Upper East Side institution will now be known as 92NY. Here’s what else to know.

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY— It is not your grandpa’s 92nd Street Y, anymore. The Upper East Side cultural institution announced Tuesday that it is relaunching itself for the 21st century, including debuting a new name and beginning a $200 million renovation of the physical space.

The name has officially changed from “The 92nd Street Y” to “The 92nd Street Y, New York” or “92NY”, for short.

“A new identity that is being paired with a new logo and nickname, ’92NY,'” reads a section of a press release from 92NY explaining the name change. “With this updated identity, 92NY is doubling-down on its deep connection with its home city – a city that has always been a part of 92NY and a city that would not be the place that it is without 92NY.”

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You can check out the new logo on the institute’s website.

Along with the name change, the $200 million renovation plan for the space at 1395 Lexington Ave is also beginning.

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The multi-phase master plan for the campus developed during the pandemic will involve a full renovation of Buttenweiser Hall (performance space), and the creation of a new, “state-of-the-art” dance center.

The renovation will also focus on significantly improving the facilities in 92NY’s gym.

The upcoming phase of the work, which is already fully funded, is expected to cost $24 million, according to a press release.

The other major announcement on Tuesday is that the cultural center will invest substantially in a new digital platform.

Called “Roundtable,” the platform will be for live, interactive courses in the arts, culture and humanities.

“The pandemic challenged 92NY to reimagine how we carry out our mission of enrichment and community building – a mission which is desperately needed today,” said Seth Pinsky, CEO of 92NY, in a news release. “We came to realize that the only viable option over the long-term is to embrace transformational change. We are now rapidly effectuating this evolution, reimagining our organization from top to bottom – from how we present who we are to a worldwide audience, to how we connect with people, whether it be in-person or online.”


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