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Arboleda led officers on a nine-minute

The shooting of Arboleda took place after a resident called 911 on Nov. 3, 2018 to report that a suspicious person later identified as Arboleda was knocking on doors and lingering outside homes in a Danville cul-de-sac. When officers arrived, they saw the 5-foot-5 Arboleda get into into his car and drive away.

Arboleda led officers on a nine-minute slow-speed chase through Danville. Hall was not involved in the initial pursuit but stopped his vehicle at an intersection to block Arboleda’s car.

Police video footage shows Hall stepping in the path of Arboleda’s vehicle and firing a volley of shots into the windshield and passenger-side window. Nine bullets hit Arboleda, including a fatal shot to his chest.

During a three-week trial in October, prosecutors argued Hall used excessive, unreasonable and unnecessary force.

Hall’s lawyers said the officer feared for his safety, and used body cam footage to show the right front tire of Arboleda’s car was pointed at Hall when the shooting started, indicating it was heading in his direction. Halls’ lawyers say they plan to appeal Friday’s sentence.

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