Anasayfa / Gündem / Before the tragedy, the family took care of their small farmland and supplemented

Before the tragedy, the family took care of their small farmland and supplemented

their income with other daily work. But that is no longer possible. Six of the seven buffaloes they own were sold because they could no longer be fed. And authorities have not yet kept their promise of new homes and government work for family members.
The young woman and her family, formerly known as “untouchables,” disappeared at the bottom of India’s tough caste hierarchy. She nominated four men from the upper caste Turkle community as attackers. Investigators charged them with murder, gangbang, and atrocities against Dalits, and the trial began.
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However, the defendant’s relatives allege that she had an agreement with one of Thakur and accused her of being an “honor killing” because her family did not approve of her relationship. Influential Takul politicians also conducted large-scale demonstrations to assist the accused.
A narrow road separates the victim from the accused’s home, but the gap has been impassable for centuries. And the abyss is getting deeper and deeper since the crime.
“Our ancestors were abused by their ancestors, and we are still discriminated against,” said the victim’s brother. “No one from the town came to ask us about our sister, after she was attacked, or while she was fighting for her life in the hospital, or even after her death. However, all people go to court to support the accused. ”

Victim’s father and holy basil
The family says that the only thing that thrives in their home is the sacred basil planted by the victims.
Recently, he recorded his statement and visited the Hatlas District Court several times for interrogation. On Thursday, it is their mother’s turn to take the position of a witness.
According to the family, there are stressful trips to court. His lawyer, Seema Kushwaha, complained about intimidation and intimidation, and the allegations were rejected by lawyer Munna Singh Pundhir.
Kushwaha says her car was chased by a man in her car on her way to court. And in court, a male lawyer told him, “Delhi’s lawyer cannot defend Hatras’s proceedings. They tried to look at me and said I should stay within Cima’s range.”
He said the court had to postpone twice when things got out of hand one day in March. Most days, police will have to escort your car to the boundaries of the district. However, the High Court recently dismissed his request to bring the case out of the district. 16 of 104 witnesses, including local doctors, police, family and journalists, have been heard so far, and the hearing is expected to be completed in the next few months, Kushwaha said. Stated. “We demanded the maximum punishment for the death penalty,” he told the BBC.
He also represented his family in a second case underway in the capital, Lucknow, and the High Court imposed fines on whether authorities had obtained family permission for cremation and otherwise imposed by the authorities. I am considering it.
He is also seeking family compensation. “My family wants to move and I think they should move,” she said. Kushwaha said. “Paramilitaries can provide them with physical security, but what about mental and emotional security? The government is far from Hatras so they can start their lives again. Must provide their accommodation. ”


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