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Constant trauma and nightmares

After the attack, Juan did not leave home for five weeks.
“I had a lot of pain and my mental space wasn’t enough,” he says.
Regarding his mental health, Juan says, “I’ve been pretty depressed for a while and my self-esteem has dropped a lot … my normal happy self wasn’t there anymore.”

All of Juan’s hopes for a modeling career were gone. “I couldn’t even look in the mirror for a long time,” he says.
“I’ve always had nightmares, sweating and screaming in the middle of the night … I’m definitely traumatized then.”

Finally, the Nemesis model was able to contact Juan and encourage him to speak. It was the first time he left home.
“When I went to talk to the agency, they helped me when the wound was exposed. They assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Juan says the turning point for mental health was when he was hired for the first shoot of a newly established clothing brand.
Accept your look
A photo of Juan holding a dog in the bar garden.
“I felt good because he made a reservation even though I had a wound. But I was a little self-conscious and wondered why I like it.”

“Living everyday life, getting a job, taking pictures, and distracting have definitely helped me mentally as I was able to move forward and regain confidence. rice field.”

However, Juan found it still difficult to answer questions about the origin of his wounds. “I should have tried to explain it to him without a panic attack.”

One of the men who attacked Juan and his friends was convicted. Nothing else was found.
Now that more time has passed, Juan has accepted his scar.
“I think you need to accept your look, and if you have an incident that changed your appearance, you have to accept it and be yourself, I thought People aren’t really going to judge you. ”


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