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Detransitioner: I run in fantasy

In addition to the NHS Transgender Treatment Protocol, a December 2020 court ruling means that guides need to seek permission from the court to prescribe puberty suppressants to new patients under the age of 16. Whether the child can give informed consent. There will be no new referrals until the situation becomes clear. The Tavistock and Portman trusts are appealing the ruling.
A subsequent March 2021 ruling found that parental consent may be sufficient to prescribe a blocker if “additional precautions” were taken into account. While waiting for the outcome of the appeal, the Trust is in contact with NHS England on how it affects their practices. Existing patients can continue to receive puberty suppressants if they have already taken them, but treatment review is currently required by an independent committee. If the panel disagrees that it is in the patient’s best interests, GUIDE should ask the court to continue to provide them with blockers.

Charlie Craggs BBC
Charlie Craggs
The case focuses on the experience of Keira Bell, a former trans-gender man who became a woman again. She said the NHS Gender Clinic wasn’t doing enough to prevent her medical transition.
She says, “I’m crazy about no one else to say. “When I was a teenager, I was allowed to run with the ideas I had, like fantasy, which influenced me in the long run,” he says.
The NHS website states that the long-term effects of puberty suppressants are unknown. Says:’Little is known about the long-term side effects of adolescents or hormone blockers in gender-identical boys. GUIDE warns that if discontinued, it is a physically reversible treatment, but the psychological consequences are unclear. “”

Keira isn’t the only one who feels that way. He began his transition to men, but another performer who decided to become a woman again attended the documentary and wanted to remain anonymous for fear of setbacks. Little research has been done on circuit breakers, but existing research shows that the percentage is very low, at 0.5%. The study reached a number by examining one-year patient data of people treated at a sex clinic in the United Kingdom. However, researchers said it could only provide a “snapshot” of transition rates.
No studies were conducted that followed a long group of people during a long-term transition. Dr. Catherine Butler, a clinical psychologist at the University of Bath, previously told the BBC: ‘Longitudinal studies have not been done yet … but social media, such as Reddit, has over 9000 migration groups. reader. Scholars like me also participate, but there are still a lot of people. “”


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