Anasayfa / Gündem / While her outfits are adorable, she’s in better

While her outfits are adorable, she’s in better

After her Versace runway debut during Milan Fashion Week, singer Dua Lipa is still having a great time in Italy and flaunting all of her amazing costumes to the world on her social media accounts.

After posting a series of lovely new outfit photos to Instagram, Dua, 26, showed off her toned back and abs in pink and purple cropped one-shoulder butterfly top, mesh seashell print mini dress and another cropped crochet matching set. She also showed off her toned torso in black trousers. “I swear, I’m going to take your closet,” said one enthusiast. (And we couldn’t agree with you more, actually!)

They were captioned “ALLORAAAA,” according to her.

While her outfits are adorable, she’s in better shape than she’s ever been. In part, that’s due to her strict fitness regimen, which incorporates early morning sweat sessions and brief HIIT circuits.

To start her day well, she says, she works out with her friends, including Ella, who runs a fun class called Sculpt With Ella in Los Angeles, and Bunny, who comes over to train her when she’s feeling lazy and needs a little motivation.


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