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“Failed” the transitionist The non-transitionist at the show explained

that she searched the internet for help and advice about the gender identity she was experiencing and was eventually referred to a clinic in London. “I wanted to find a way to reduce discomfort and make my body more comfortable. They gave me a block at the age of 16 and testosterone at the age of 17. At that moment I was happy with the change. And there was no doubt about it, “she explains.
“But for about nine months with testosterone, I still felt something was wrong. And after thinking for a long time, I started to feel it was wrong, “he says. “I realized that many of my problems are rooted in other things. If the mental health of the physically distressed youth improves, we need to reduce the number of young people who make the wrong transition.”

She believes that more focus should be placed on psychological interventions in gender-identified children and adolescents, but disorders like her do not mean that the transition is wrong for everyone. She also says no. “Non-transitionists are armed like’transitions don’t work, they shouldn’t intersect,'” he added.
After the first nervousness of meeting someone who has lost the transition, Charlie realizes that the experience of those who choose not to continue the transition needs to confront them.
“I need more help for people who don’t fit my gender,” he says. “Like this young woman who thought she was transgender. For all of us transgender and transition people, the system is failing and we need to change it.”

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust declined to comment on the film, and NHS England did not.


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