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Saidu finished his first week at the top of the rankings for Crepto, Conan and DJ

Target, supported by strong performances such as the opening of a national battle with his stepfather, but from the left fielder in the second week. The choice disappointed him.
The clash with Kay Dizzy mentioned above has confused everyone, including the dirty pioneer Jammer, because he uses American accents.
“Looking back now,’Brother, what on earth did you do?’I can’t see,’ Saidu said.
Prior to the clash, the artist had the opportunity to sit with MC Scorcher, a trash in London, a conference that helped him. “He really talked to me … And he messed with a heavy man, and I respected him even more for it. He taught me how much he believed in me, “says Saidu.
But despite his confidence, Saidu almost lost. By this time it was Ramadan, and her challenge for the week was to write a love song that she felt had to take off to respect her faith.
“The most challenging part of the show was when I got stuck,” he says. “I had to try to keep my energy in order to be able to do it.”

Throughout the show, the other guest mentors were Ghetts and Chip, the former got chicken, and Saidu applauded his performance. These meetings helped improve her experience in the program, Saidu explains. Meet all the famous artists, especially all three, “he proudly says.
Saidu’s prize of £ 20,000 has helped him move on to the next stage of his career and he wants to get started.
“I can’t wait to act,” he says. “I’m an artist. I want a set. I want a dancer behind me. I want to do routines. I want to immerse the audience.”


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