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‘unprofessional’ Some pharmacies

In 2019, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (RCOG) demanded that emergency contraceptives be given to all pharmacies free of charge without a prescription. In the UK, there are some controversies about the cost of emergency contraception and the services women and other people in need receive.
Many pharmacies need consultation to get emergency contraceptives (model image)
Emergency contraceptives are ordered in the UK, which means the NHS will cover the cost of insurance, but it costs up to £ 35 and is banned for some women according to the RCOG. .. Mystery buyers seeking emergency contraceptives from the RCOG report found that 10% of pharmacy visits were “poor and unprofessional.”
In some cases, pharmacists refused to spread emergency contraceptives because of their religious beliefs. On these occasions, they must ensure that the person has access to the care they need. A guide to the General Council of Pharmacists (GPC), published in 2017, said: This is to ensure timely and unimpeded access to the services you need. In fact, this usually means introducing them to a colleague who can help them.


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