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Fuel Supply: Army Delivers Gasoline to British Workshops Starting Monday

According to the government, Army staff will begin delivering gasoline to the British garage on Monday.
Nearly 200 servants and women, including 100 managers, provide “temporary” support to relieve pressure on the station.
Ministers also announced that up to 300 overseas fuel tank drivers could work immediately in the UK until the end of March.
There was a long line at the gas station this week after the fuel supply was cut off due to a shortage of drivers.
Gasoline prices at peak eight years in the midst of a fuel crisis
Major workers struggling to travel during the fuel crisis
Is the gasoline shortage improving? The minister, who argued that people had enough fuel to buy at regular rates, said gas station conditions were improving and were supplying more fuel than they were on sale.
However, they admit that some parts of the country are more affected than others.
Brian Maderson, chairman of the Gasoline Retailers Association, which represents about 5,500 of the UK’s 8,300 gas stations, said that parts of Scotland and Midland in northern England were “significantly improved” due to less dry land. He said he did.
But he told BBC Radio 4s Today that it was still a “major problem” in London and southeast England, and “it just got worse.”

He stated the priority of delivery to its “immediate” gas stations, especially to independent stations in neighboring areas, although military managers would be “great help”.
Mr Maderson warned drivers that fuel prices would rise next week, but not because of profits, but because of “global factors.” On Friday, Motorsport Group RAC also said that delivery disruptions are still diminishing, although many regions are still experiencing problems.
He said a small gas station had a big problem because the drivers were full over the weekend.
There is no fuel shortage
The government said military personnel are currently training at the transport site and will provide fuel supplies along the way from Monday to “help further improve the fuel supply.”
Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace said the staff will work with the manager after this week’s staff.
In addition to 300 tank drivers who can work temporarily in the UK, temporary visas are also offered for 4,700 food drivers who arrive by the end of October and depart by February 28, 2022. I am. Visas are provided to another 5,500 poultry workers who can stay from the end of October to December 31st.
Earlier, the government said these temporary visas would last until Christmas Eve.
“There are persistent signs that the pump situation is slowly improving,” said Trade Secretary Kwasi Kwaten.
“Inventory levels at UK gas stations are rising, fuel supplies to gas stations are above normal levels, and fuel demand is stable,” he said.
“It is important to emphasize that there is no national fuel shortage in the UK and people usually need to buy fuel.”


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