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Navjot Singh Sidhu: Controversial Cricketer Becomes Politician

In 1996, Navgiot Cincidu left the cricket tour of India in England and caused a storm by returning home after the battle with captain Mohammad Azhardin.
A former cricket committee official said in a recent report that Sidu, one of India’s most renowned players at the time, was hurt by some blasphemous words used by the captain with “humor.” I write that.
Two years later, Mr. Sidhu allegedly beat a 65-year-old man during a parking dispute in Patiala, Punjab. The man later died in the hospital. In 2006, the court found him guilty of manslaughter. He appealed and in 2018 the Supreme Court sentenced him to a small fine for injuring him but acquitting him for murder.
Indian son drives 280km to meet cricket idol Navjot Singh Sidhu
With a glamorous and candid personality, 57-year-old Sidhu has been constantly in the spotlight and controversy. Earlier this week, he caused political turmoil with his latest avatar as parliamentary leader in Punjab, one of the three states in which India’s major opposition is in power.


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