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Hot, hot, hot: strange things that happen to your body in very hot situations

With more than five sunny days a year and temperatures of these beautiful islands reaching 30 degrees Celsius, I think it’s time to call. Summer is officially here. Current summer.
Porthmadog in North Wales reached a very sweaty 32.6C and had the hottest day ever. Glasgow is so hot that the roof is melting. It’s like how we feel rn.

Some of us like this extra amount of Vitamin D:

But for some, the sun is ugly.


We understand anger. Hot weather can cause painful and unpleasant stimuli. Then there are inevitable sweaty spots under the armpits. And don’t move around relentlessly all night.

There is also hay fever. Hay fever, we hate you.

The Met Office issued a warning about heat wave conditions over the weekend, forcing us to think about the strange things that could happen to our bodies in the heat. I knew … … hot weather can give you bad breath
You might think summer is the best time to start talking quietly about your desires, but excessive heat can make you dehydrated (wrong, a lot of sweat?). .. Charm: Bad breath.

Dehydration dries your mouth. Bacteria accumulate because there is not enough saliva to kill them. Hello bad breath.

“It’s no big surprise to have to drink more water during the warmer months, as the body naturally loses more water from sweat,” he explains. Harold Katz, a halitosis and halitosis expert at Metro .co .uk. “This can also exacerbate the problem, coupled with increased use of hay fever, a greedy summer diet, increased outdoor exercise, and excessive exposure to the sun.”

* Fill a water bottle (ecologically) *

… the sun can make you stronger
You may feel that the sun is giving you extra boost. And that can actually happen. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium associated with strong bones.

Therefore, lack of sunlight can make bones brittle, so public health officials advise us to take supplements in the darkest autumn months. So go to the park and collect as much vitamin D as you can. Of course, you need to be careful not to get sunburned in the process.
… intense heat can prevent you from sweating
When we take it seriously, we mean it. It may sound like a dream, but it can actually be a sign of heat stroke and should be considered an emergency.
Normal body temperature is 37-38 ° C, but it can get hot at high temperatures (40-41 ° C). At that point, your thermoregulatory system is essentially packed to prevent you from sweating while your body is trying to keep water around your vital organs. (* Move in the shadow *)

If you think someone is suffering from heat stroke, call 999 first. Next, try putting an ice pack on the groin and armpits where the important arteries are located to cool them.
Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t hang out with your friends in the park. Turn on the sunscreen and fill the (biodegradable) water bottle with water.


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