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ON ‘He told me to go on about my day’

“I didn’t have to take emergency contraceptives, and I’m pretty bad with my usual medications. I know I have to take them every day, but I work or do something It’s easy to forget, “says Jenna (18) of Sheffield.
“After I forgot to take it, I slept with a guy. It wasn’t planned, it was completely spontaneous. I was playing in my head and online the next day I checked if I needed an emergency contraceptive. The NHS website states that if you miss a few days of daily pills, you will be required to seek emergency contraception. I also talked to her friend, and she told me to go to the pharmacy anyway. “”

Jenna went to a supermarket pharmacy and was taken to her doctor’s office. Her pharmacist asked her why she needed emergency contraceptives, and she explained that she didn’t want to risk because she missed regular contraception for several days.
The women we talked to were worried about how pharmacists responded to emergency contraceptive demands (model-specific images).
“He actually fired me and told me I would probably recover,” he recalls. “I told him I wanted to finish my research and get ready. I paid more than happiness for it! He kept telling me it was okay, nothing more .. Then he told me to give up the rest of the day. ”

Jenna went to another pharmacy later that day and they gave her her emergency contraceptive pills without any problems. She told her pharmacist about the incident in the supermarket and told her that she had the right to refuse emergency contraceptive pills if she was fighting their morals.
“It may have happened,” he says. But that really hit my confidence. Fortunately, no emergency contraception has been needed since then. Next time I was away from the supermarket pharmacy. I would rather go to a clinic or hospital. “”

In a statement, the University of Sexual and Reproductive Health states:’We acknowledge that there are different opinions among sexual and reproductive health professionals. However, what is best for the patient should always be the focus of decision making.
For this reason, if a healthcare professional decides not to prescribe contraception because of personal beliefs, they should arrange for a colleague to prescribe it immediately.
“It is important that these arrangements never represent a moral judgment for the patient.”

The name has changed. This article was revised on 09/24/21 to attribute the closure statement to the Faculty of Sexual Health and Reproductive Health. In previous versions, it was mistakenly attributed to the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.


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