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superstar artist thing to do’ ‘We’ve still got that mega-international-

In addition to live performances, the show will also visit iconic venues in the UK and around the world, and Target will discover and unite talents from all over the country for a series of figures-rhyming during the live show. Rapper’s informal gathering stage). ).
Goal hosts his own behind-the-scenes party in the Rider Room and teams up with fellow 1Xtra DJ Remi Burgz, who collaborates with different artists each week to dig deeper into the culture.
Rapper Little Simz playing with Tonight With Target
And finally, where does DJ Target see the British black music scene in the UK and around the world over the next 5-10 years?
“We still have something to do for international mega superstar artists, so it feels like we have more to do.
“Some of our artists are doing well in certain areas and selling shows, but I’m talking about the level of Kanye West or JAY-Z you know all over the world. Yes … I think we are heading there. ”


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